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Thermal Energy

Thermal Power Plants

Thermal Power Plants make important contributions to the region’s economic and social development.

Thermal Power Plants generate energy in a low-cost, efficient, and environmentally friendly manner.

The advance technology thermal plants are designed with fluidized bed combustion technology, which is an alternative to the pulverized coal combustion technology employed in most plants.

Thanks to this technology, combustion is realized with solid fuel, consisting of coal and limestone, on the air cushion formed with the air under the combustion room due to the fluidized bed boiler. This process ensures that coal remains in the boiler combustion room for longer, enabling combustion reaction at lower temperatures. This technology reduces environmentally harmful NOx emissions to a minimum.

The desulphurization process is realized directly inside the boiler by using limestone during combustion. This technology both minimizes the emission of the gases harmful to the environment and boosts the plant’s efficiency, thus lowering the cost of power generation.

The same conscientious approach is applied when eliminating ash created during the combustion of lignite. The ash generated in the power plant started to be stored in the Ash Storage Areas, when received an environmental permit from the related Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization

The energy suppliers with old system thermal power stations shall better make necessary investments proactively to counter the negative impact of lignite coal on the environment and human health.

Coal-fired power plants need to complete their investments to install a flue gas treatment system to continue their operation without any interruption.

The new technology thermal power plants with fluidized-bed boilers and wet flue gas purification systems are met all legal and regulatory requirements stipulated by environmental legislation on Air Emission, Wastewater Discharge and Regular Storage, thanks to its advanced combustion and treatment technologies.

Thermal Power

Our executive team, consists of managers, gainned experience in large thermal power plant projects, listed below:

146 MW Daura Thermal Power Plant, Bagdat, Iraq

146 MW Daura Thermal Power Plant , Bagdat, Iraq

300 MW Kangal Thermal Power Plant

300 MW Kangal Thermal Power Plant Unit 1 and Unit 2, Sivas, Turkey. It is the 14th largest power station in Turkey, operated by Kangal Thermal Electrical Generation company. It supplies electricity to 717.000 houses.

300 MW Tunçbilek Thermal Power Plant

300 MW Tunçbilek Thermal Power Plant , Kütahya, Turkey. Construction works started in 1978 and completed in 66 months and consists of boiler,türbine and bunker building and 120 mt high stack.

300 MW Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant

300 MW Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant, B was started in 1990 and The plant was privatised in 2014. It is the largest power station supplied by Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises. Following debt restructuring in 2019, the owner, Bereket Energy, was renamed Aydem Energy.

1360 MW Afşin Elbistan Thermal Power Plant

1360 MW Afşin Elbistan, Thermal Power Plant, Stack construction works, Four hyperbolic stacks, each of which is 110 Mt high and 42 Mt width were constructed.