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Heavy & Light Galvanized Steel Construction

Steel Constructions

Heavy & Light Galvanized Steel Construction market has developed rapidly due to optimum manufacturing speed and efficiency. GETAS enables the construction of buildings in the quality and price level demanded.

In addition, the values of this system on fire resistance, sound penetration, heat thermal transmittance and earthquake endurance are indisputably higher than the values of ordinary constructed buildings.

Construction production with single shift in the plant is about 1500 m2 daily. It is possible to double the amount by increasing shifts and/or installing new production lines. However, production on the construction field and/or provision manufacturing lines on the construction field result in savings from transportation in a project with high volumes such as 100.000 m2. Our structure is appropriate for this kind of task Installation of a structure of 150 m2 (carcass/skeleton) is possible in a weak with a team of five persons.

Wall coatings and concrete fillings are performed in a week, and floor concrete and roof construction are completed in the following week

Turn-key solution period is eight or nine weeks with a good organization.

Four week period is an ideal time to complete construction and installation and put fixed furniture in their places.

The system is four times lighter than classical system and provides extra safety in addition to the earthquake safety which is very high already, with decrease of momentum of inertial.

Owing to very little construction time, the earlier the use of building starts  the  earlier  the  payback  of  the  finance  expended  for  the building commences. (Such as avoiding extra rental costs by starting use the building earlier or obtaining income by hiring the building).

Margin of error is almost 0 (Zero) because it is half-fabricated production

View our Steel Construction brochure for an easy to read guide on some of the services offered.

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